Yohjo Simulator Will Push The Boundaries On Loli Gaming Gamer

Are you ready for it? Are you prepared for what Sekai Project and Dead Factory have cooked up? Well, if you aren’t then turn back now; but if you are… well, things are about to take a dive down a pathway of no return.

As described on the game’s Greenlight page…

You play as a little girl, you take out strangers and objects with a headbutt and you can hop off buildings with a kick-flip. You can see a remixed version of the trailer below.

The game hasn’t received the most positive of feedback from over on the YouTube page where the original trailer was posted. The average gamer isn’t thinking that this is all too funny or all that enticing.

SkudKapp’d Productions wrote on the video page…

Yandere Simulator has actually been downloaded more than a 2.4 million times. It’s a really weird game but I’m astounded that it has the reach that it does.

Yohjo Simulator seems to be taking a small slice of the Yandere pie and fusing it with the outrageous elements of Goat Simulator. The only difference is that players are in control of a little loli this time around, a young girl in a big, strange city… or at least, a big city with strange, nearly naked men running around.

As the description above states, there is no point or purpose to the game other than what players give it. I imagine Dead Factory is fixing to make the game mod friendly, at which point I can only barely fathom the horrors that the community will come up with for a loli in an open-world game.

The game is running on the latest version of the Unreal Engine, so physics – as showcased in the trailer above – are there aplenty, and they can easily expand the game’s playability with new mechanics if they’re intent on doing more with the game than just having the loli run around and headbutt things.

Over on the Greenlight page the community is torn on this title, but they’re mostly giving it a thumbs up, if the comments are anything to go by. A lot of gamers feel as if this is a strong departure from Sekai Project’s usual hentai-oriented material and so… well the community isn’t entirely comfortable with the direction the content publisher went in with this particular simulator.

If you need more loli simulators in your life, Yohjo Simulator is ripe and waiting to be upvoted and approved over on Steam Greenlight. Just be careful… I’m sure the FBI is keeping a close eye on the page.


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