Yandere Simulator Update Adds Kidnapping And Mind-Breaking Gamer

If you thought that Yandere Simulator wasn’t creepy enough, the game has taken an extra step to push that boundary even further by adding in the option to kidnap fellow students, lock them in a basement and torture them until their mental sanity is depleted and they have their mind broken.

The developer of Yandere Simulator recently put up a new video detailing how the mind-break works, and how players will be able to knock out a classmate, stuff them in a chest and drag them back to their basement. You can check out the seven minute video below.

It’s explained that players will be able to capture students and torture them for a set amount of time. Spending an hour torturing them during a weekday means that Yandere-chan will only be an hour late for school. Spending four hours torturing someone will make Yandere-chan very late for school, and spending 12 hours torturing someone will ensure that Yandere completely misses a day of school.

Missing too many days or showing up late too often will damage Yandere’s reputation. If Yandere’s reputation drops too low, her Senpai – the guy or girl she has a crush on – will no longer love her and the mission will be a failure. Hence, it’s important for Yandere-chan to keep her reputation high and to show up on school as often as possible. This means that torturing a schoolmate must be done in a timely and proper fashion to avoid raising suspicion.

After torturing a victim enough, players will eventually break their mind. This renders them a shell, and they no longer have any sort of emotional or social substance. They will follow Yandere around or do whatever she wants them to do… including killing another classmate.

In the video above Yandere mind-breaks a student and forces her to kill another student who is in love with Senpai. This murderous action results in the student dying and the mind-broken captive going over the edge and committing suicide. This is a way to kill a rival without ever laying a hand on them.

Yandere Simulator has been downloaded more than 2.4 million times and is available for free right now from over on the official Yandere Simulator website. You can get the latest version for free.


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