Steam Link Promo Video Arrives Ahead Of Steam Machine Launch Gamer

Valve is starting to embrace the promo-culture of today’s generation of gaming and they have rolled out a video describing how the Steam Link works and how gamers can easily hook it up to their TV and stream games to any HDMI compatible TV in the house through a wireless bridge to the PC.

The video is just under a minute long and made in the Source Filmmaker, making it cost effective compared to other methods of promotion. The video is straight to the point and works more as a public service announcement about the availability of the Steam Link as opposed to a pure fluff piece. You can check it out below.

The Steam Link connects wirelessly to a gamer’s home network and if Steam is running it will pick up the client and enable users to play their games on any HDMI compliant TV. It’s just that easy. You just plug the Steam Link into the router and into the TV.

While the promotional video helps spread the word about the Steam Link, Valve has run into a minor problem with OSX hardware not being supported by the Steam Link or the Steam Controller. PCGamesN is reporting that Valve sent out an apology and a Valve Complete Pack to compensate for the blunder with OSX users.

According to the apology letter, Valve stated…

According to the article, even if OSX owners decide to refund the Steam Link and Steam Controller, they can still keep the Valve Complete Pack. Not a bad deal.

The Steam Link and Steam Controller are companion accessories for the upcoming release of the Steam Machines, which are due to start shipping on November 10th.

If you have multiple HDTVs in the house with HDMI connectivity, the Steam Link isn’t a bad option for $49.99. The combo with the Steam Controller is $100. It offers 1080p streaming at up to 60fps. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and has three USB 2.0 ports with an internal wireless pairing in addition to a wired Ethernet port and an HDMI out port.

Additionally, you can use an Xbox One, Logitech or Xbox 360 controller with the Steam Link. Need more info? Feel free to learn more by visiting the official Steam store page. Widgets


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