Should video games be considered a sport?



Nowadays, under the influence of the outbreak of the new Champions League, most of the reality of sports events has been transferred to sports games and video game platforms. Although most games have been supported by relevant event organizations, to a certain extent, they are not Participating athletes and event organizations have experience in video games, so it is normal for games to be used as exhibitions.

Video games should be regarded as a sport. It stems from games, involves athletic ability, requires practice and physical exercise, it takes place in a stadium, and is inspired by diehard fans, video games and their cheers, and all necessary boxes are checked.


When you compare video games to these terms, take a look at how they match.

1. Competition, victory and defeat
I think this is one of the easiest points to prove. The basic purpose of any sport is competition. A team or individual competes with another team or individual in the hope of winning.

Competition is everywhere…I mean, even monopolies are competitive (so much so that they turn friends into enemies and family members against each other!)

Therefore, it is not easy to say that video games are competitive. For any type of video game-especially those that fight alongside other players-you will face competition. Even if you are alone and participate in the anti-simulation competition in the form of a computer, you are still competing very fiercely, right?

2. Sports ability
What makes athletes like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson so special? Both of them have played professional football and baseball, and are very good at both.

I mean, there are great athletes all around us. However, a large part of these athletes are only good at sports that achieve professional success. Putting professional basketball players on the baseball field may be elated by it.

Then, when you consider the fact that every sport-even every position in a sport-requires a specific athletic ability, who would say that video games can’t be just another set of different types of athletic skills?

The skills of a quarterback are very different from a wide range of receivers. The skills of a baseball pitcher are the same as those of a shortstop.

What athletic abilities do video game players have?

Although playing video games does not require as many functions as other sports, it does have great coordination. Just as you need coordination to capture a 90 mph baseball with a glove or to hit a baseball with a racket, video game players also need coordination to strike at the best time to match the technology they use on the controller with their eyes. Everything you see stays in sync.

Video games also have another powerful feature of traditional sports-endurance. Head-to-head video game battles are often a real test for players trying to surpass their opponents. The first person to blink (aka tiredness, tiredness, etc.) and get lost.

Last but not least, what about responsiveness? This is what almost all fast-moving athletes (especially hockey goalkeepers) need. Successful video game players must also be able to respond quickly to the changing situation of the game, whether it’s fighting an opponent’s heavy punch, or letting an athlete on their screen participate in their favorite sports game to dodge a tackle or jump over another dribble. team.

The point is that NFL wingers are considered athletes due to their blocking and stealing abilities, but these abilities are very different from the speed and agility required to run.

Although video game players must take advantage of very different types of athletic ability, it is still a kind of athletic ability.

3. Sports activities
Many people who don’t think video games are sporty may not have actually experienced a marathon. Their video game experience may include sofas or recliners and games played here or there when they are bored.

But for professional gamers, physical exercise and the resulting stress are real. There are quick button pushes and continuous joystick switching. Like running up and down on a football field for 90 minutes, are you still tired from physical labor? of course not. It is a short-lived activity, contained in a smaller space or “sports field”, but again, it is still a physical activity.

4. Fans and entertainment activities; stadiums, fields and arenas
In scenes that are commonly used in basketball games such as the Golden State Warriors, the arena is usually packed with fans everywhere to show support for favorite players.

In fact, more than 173,000 attendees gathered to watch the 2017 World Championship in Katowice, Poland… 100,000 more teams than participated in the Super Bowl in the same year.

Then, consider the viewers at home. For the events mentioned above, 46 million unique online viewers are watching. It is said that, on average, young gamers between the ages of 18-25 will spend 3 hours and 25 minutes online watching other people playing video games.

think about it. What do you do for nearly 3.5 hours in a week? You may have watched TV shows for a few hours, right? Or maybe you spend about 45 minutes reading in front of your bed every night?

Last year, e-sports tournaments and live broadcasts attracted a total of 258 million unique visitors.

5. Practice, dedication and training
I have played video games. You have played video games. Therefore, it is difficult to think that the activities we participate in are actually sports. I mean, we may have been waiting in pajamas and sofas.

The key is that an activity can participate in multiple levels; an activity can participate in multiple levels. Different levels of skills and proficiency, and the level you and I are engaged in is probably considered the lowest level.

What I mean is, you don’t draw a picture and call yourself an artist, and you don’t sing a song and think you are a singer.

To become a professional gamer, you must practice and dedicate your time every day or even every day. The more skilled the technology, the more like a sports video game.

Training does not mean just playing more games. Of course there are many, but there are many more. In fact, many e-sports players will perform physical and strength training to avoid common e-sports injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. Of course there is training to improve coordination and the above-mentioned responsiveness.

Proper nutrition and moisture must also be the first priority. Just as cramps are disastrous for any striding athlete, players with cramps in both hands are basically useless.

6. University scholarships
You might be smirking when you first heard that a certain university sent a competitive e-sports team. I know i did it

However, this “you can believe” attitude quickly disappeared because they learned that not only colleges and universities have sent teams, but they are also offering scholarships to fill these teams. This is one of the main benefits of e-sports.

In fact, there are 81 schools that form the National Association of University E-sports (NACE), except for two schools, all other schools provide scholarships.

If asked to associate sports memories with major colleges, you might remember Kyler Murray, winner of the University of Oklahoma football team and Heisman Trophy last season, or Boise’s epic 2007 Carnival Bowl Victory, which includes the now-famous Statue of Liberty drama. Seal the victory.

There are also sports history in many schools. For example, New Mexico has participated in the NCAA tournament in five of the past six years, and Wichita State University, which is the team with the most college baseball wins in the past 31 seasons.

Well, believe it or not, these schools and other well-known institutions are also stationed in e-sports teams. Moreover, based on industry growth and the above-mentioned astonishing number of viewers, they are likely to write their own college sports history books.

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