Prey For The Gods Trailer Shows The Unstoppable Power Of PC Gaming Gamer

No Matter Studios’ Prey For The Gods just received its first gameplay trailer, running entirely in-engine. The game is scheduled to release for PC and Mac and it looks like the sort of Shadow of Colossus clone that PC gamers have been waiting for.

The description of the game is laid out under the video on YouTube, where it reads…

You can see the cool trailer of the game in action below.

The graphics look impeccable. There’s this bleak naturalism to the colors and environmental details. It helps give the game its own identity… almost as if the environment itself is a character in the game world.

One of the highlights is that this is being designed by a small indie team, so this is just another showcase that you don’t need $100 million to make a gorgeous looking game with some kind of aesthetic identity or visual depth.

The YouTube video has already garnered a lot of attention due to the design of the game and its similarities to Shadow of the Colossus. Mirillion79 stated…

There is definitely a lot of salt in the comment section knowing that it’s only going to be on PC… for now. The developers have stated that the game is targeting PC and Mac for its initial release; other platforms may or may not be on the cards down the road.

There are some people stating that it’s going to take more than being a Shadow of the Colossus clone to “cut it”, but a lot of people hating on Prey For The Gods tend to forget that a lot of people who didn’t own a PlayStation 2 or play Shadow of the Colossus might really appreciate a visually spectacular game running on a beastly machine and giving them something similar to latch onto like the PS2 title.

There’s no release date on the game… yet. For now you can subscribe to the newsletter and keep up to date on Prey For The Gods by visiting the official website.


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