How To Configure The Steam Controller For FPS Games Gamer

With the Steam Controller prepping for release soon, there are video guides popping up to help gamers to configure the controller for various types of games. This will be useful for anyone who may need help finding the perfect balance on the Steam Controller to play their favorite kind of games.

YouTuber Woodsie has a quick, near-five minute breakdown of how to optimize the Steam Controller configurations for first-person shooters. You can check it out below.

The video popped up over on the PC Gaming sub-Reddit courtesy of user tallkido. The video disccuses a variety of different ways to configure the controller for use with different types of first-person shooters, including ones with more free-aim centric controls such as Red Orchestra or Doom 3 as well as games with more snap-targeting and auto-aim like Borderlands 2 and Call of Duty.

Additionally, if a game doesn’t natively support gamepads, you can use the Steam Controller as a mouse and keyboard supplement, as showcased in the video above when the controller was being used with Doom 3.

There are also a few neat descriptions on how to utilize exclusive features of the controller, such as the soft and pull trigger options. The soft pull trigger and full pull trigger options are actually really cool, as it makes it possible to use a single button to perform dual actions. For instance, you can use a soft pull trigger – as demonstrated in the video above – to iron sight, and then use the full pull of the trigger to actually fire the weapon. That’s a really slick option right there. I’d imagine this could work really, really well for fighting games, too, assigning the light or medium punches and kicks to the soft pull and then the hard or heavy attacks to the full pull.

The Steam Controller has a heck of a lot of options left open to it that should prove to be interesting to mess around with when it finally launches on November 10th.

You can learn more about Valve’s new PC exclusive controller by paying a visit to the official website. Widgets


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